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    Have you ever played a game of Beer Pong and in the middle of the game the cups got blown off the table? Maybe liquid spilled all over the place? Well, that won't happen with Point Pong. Each cup is recessed into its own holder keeping the cups secure and stable. Point Pong eliminates you from having to drag out a heavy table, take a door off its hinges, or find something else to play on. Point Pong offers the same fun, competitive game as Beer Pong and has many advantages over a traditional Beer Pong table. It is portable, lightweight, floatable, and has a variety of ways it can be played. Pong can be transformed into a floating Beer Pong table which is perfect for lounging in the pool on a hot summer day. Point Pong comes in a storage bag and everything you need to play. The colored rings can be used as a point game and can be interchanged for a variety of “looks”. The game can be adapted for young and old to enjoy. Point Pong is a party game, a college game, and a family game.